Transport is defined As a movement

We are indeed a model logistics solutions provider, whose network services are powered by special purpose technology, supervised and controlled by professionals

As a wholesale and independent logistics company in Nigeria, we offer various services that meet your logistics needs 

Core Services

Air Freighting

We offer daily scheduled pick and deliveries of urgent shipment for international packages

Land Freighting

Quinxstar Express offers daily scheduled international shipment Competitive Pricing

Ocean Freighting

The knowledge of all the major commercial shipping routes in the world places us better to assist importers and exporters
Delivered Packages
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Feedback from our clients

Much thanks to Quinxstar Express, your deliveries are amazing and rewarding, can’t possibly stop patronizing you
Their approach is top notch, Great pick up from China and subsequent door step delivery to our office without story!

Connecting Air, Roads and Seas

To get your item delivered is what we know how to do best

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